Logbook Services

To preserve the peace of mind that comes with the new car warranty, many dealerships will have you believe you need to bring your car back to them for your regular logbook services. In truth, any reputable workshop like Bluff Road Auto Service can conduct your logbook servicing, saving you the effort of a trip back to the dealer.

Contact us to book your vehicle in for your next logbook service.

Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble shifting gears or you're noticing strange noises or smells from under your bonnet, it could be an issue in your vehicle's transmission. Problems here have the potential to become long, costly repairs if not checked out sooner rather than later. Bluff Road Auto Service can inspect your whole drivetrain, from clutch pedal issues to potential faults in your vehicle's gearbox or transmission.

If you think you might have transmission problems, contact us today.

Radiator & Cooling

Keeping your vehicle's engine bay cool is critical to the good health of your engine. Without a properly working cooling system, your engine could suffer from poor fuel economy, increased build up of deposits or even catastrophic failures that could cost you a fortune to repair. We're able to conduct many forms of repair to your cooling system, from replacing radiator units to flushing your cooling lines of debris and blockages.

Contact us today if your car might be running a little hotter than usual.

Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle's brakes, steering and suspension all play significant roles in your car's handling and ride comfort. Our technicians at Bluff Road Auto Service can offer a wide range of services in these areas, from tyre fitting and wheel alignments to brake part replacement and machining, as well as optimising your suspension with shock absorbers and car springs hand-picked from our suppliers for your vehicle.

Contact us for an inspection of your brakes, steering or suspension.

Engine Maintenance

Over time even regular driving will take a toll on your vehicle's engine, with deposits building up inside the engine itself, damage to your engine's head gasket or blockages in your vehicle's fuel lines all potentially leading to major repairs if not caught quickly. We're able to service your vehicle with a complete engine reconditioning, fitting of a new head gasket, or services on your vehicle's exhaust system, for optimal fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Give us a call to schedule an inspection of your vehicle's engine.


Even in older classic cars, a working battery can be essential for operating your vehicle. This has only become even more the case as cars have become more sophisticated and reliant on electronics. We're equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to locate faults in your vehicle's electrical system, allowing us to repair electrical components, from starter motors and alternators to lighting and indicators, as well as ABS or SRS systems, power steering, central locking and others.

If you think you might have auto-electrical problems, contact us to organise an inspection.

Air Conditioning

Having a properly functioning air conditioning unit in your vehicle is crucial to comfortable driving in Australia's warmer months. But your air con can suffer from wear and tear, even while your air conditioning goes unused through the cooler months. Through disuse your hoses and seals will develop cracks and leaks that will dampen the effectiveness of your air con over time.

We're able to service your vehicle's air conditioning system, including the replacement of leaking hoses and seals and a re-gassing to give your air conditioning back its cooling power. If you think your air conditioning isn't as cool as it once was, contact us to organise an inspection.


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